TimeDesign, the recommended timetabling program for the Free State Department of Education.

Version 6 Released September 2020.

One of the BEST school timetabling software available
R 3 299.00

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F. H. Kok - FS Dept. of Education

From Avril’s office I understand that you are the programmer for Time Design. Well done the software is really the best I have worked with so far. As you can see I am the EMIS/IT coordinator in the Free State province and my schools are really crazy about your software.

Roy - Chilton Cantelo School - United Kingdom

Patrick. Many, many thanks. Your program continues to save me time, I find the ability to instantly ‘cover’ staff absences a godsend.

Sally Morch – New Zealand

I was trying to load the registration after I had been working on my file. I entered it before I opened my file and bingo it worked. Thanks for your wonderful programme. Next time it will literally take me only an afternoon. Probable less as I have all the data in. I should hire myself out to other schools.

Wendy Horn – Settlers High – Cape

This programme is one of the best I have used to do a timetable. We have a complicted setup at our school and it manged to solve it with a minimal of changes.

Peter Davidson - Fish Hoek Middle School

Many thanks for the update. I managed to create a timetable reasonably easily in the end and also was able to accomodate the majority of the staff’s special requests. Being able to use your programme meant that I was able to devote my time to studying during the holidays and not be distracted by having to spend hours fiddling with the timetable.

TimeDesign can only be described as the simplest and easiest way to create timetables for schools and training institutions.

Self-Service: Simply fill the required fields below and checkout, you will receive an invoice with our banking details. Please forward proof of payment through to sales@timetablesoftware.co.za to assist with allocation. Please use either your school or order number as the payment reference.


Once the funds have cleared into our bank account we will then email you your registration details.


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Buy TimeDesign 6.0

Latest Release: 17 September 2020

Time Design 6.0


We will process your registration and provide you details upon receipt of payment. Once you have the code you are able to save your solutions.

The program is pretty easy to use as long as you understand the basics of timetabling. There is also the program help that is quite extensive.

It is a once off cost with no yearly license fees and can be used as often as required.

Useful Tutorial Videos

The main features are:
  • A once off purchase – no more yearly license fees.
  • Maintenance releases are also free, but a small fee may be charged for version upgrades.
  • An unlimited number of periods per day.
  • An unlimited number of days within a cycle.
  • An unlimited number of educators, classes, rooms and subjects within a group.
  • Multiple educators can teach the same subject.
  • Part-time educators – you can specify what periods are available for teaching.
  • The program learns from your data and adapts its solving method accordingly.
  • The ability to load the tables into Excel for personalisation and printing.
  • The ability to import and export data from an external source (Text and XML).
  • Fully compliant with all versions of Windows.
  • The ability to print directly from the program (HTML, XML).
  • Print a single timetable from the program.
  • The ability to save the files as HTML, so that it can be published directly to a server.
  • Right click and delete options in the layout page.
  • Multiple selections in the layout page using Ctrl or Shift keys.
  • Multilingual.
  • Copy a timetable directly to the clipboard and past into Excel.
  • Email support from within the program.
  • Online program and language pack updates.

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